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i feel like mary lambert just saved my entire day by putting out this music video

Oh just Mary Lambert fucking bringing it, Body Positivity style.

CA:TWS, as a film, was a fantastic exercise in putting genuinely decent and optimistic characters (except for Steve himself, at this point, but we can go into that later) up against a nearly ripped-from-the-headlines plot that distills a lot of this country’s cynicism and negativity, particularly in my age group. More than any of the other MCU films, I think this was aimed directly at us, the people in our late teens and twenties and early thirties who sometimes start crying on the toilet because not only will we never be able to stop working our terrible service-industry jobs, we will also never be able to make a safe and comfortable world for the kids who come after us, or take care of our parents when they need us. On top of all that, we’re in this lame dystopian surveillance society where the government hates us, military force has taken the place of diplomacy and stuff like drone warfare is something we’re supposed to just accept, like it’s not horrifying. It’s a story specifically for my generation to try and find some solidarity with.

Which is a pretty ballsy play for a movie with a main character that’s 95.

Sam H. at Hey Don’t Judge Me (via k8monster)

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This guy is using an iPhone to prop up a Galaxy to watch Netflix out loud in a restaurant I can only dream of giving this few fucks


avril lavigne going through all our middle schools phases through her entire life

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“(1) All fungi are edible.
(2) Some fungi are only edible once.”

Terry Pratchett (via bableman)

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UFO typologies, 1967


freshman advice: just dont show up

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we lost ellen 1 like = 1 prayer


**rides bike throughout neighborhood with flowers in the basket of my bike**

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